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KOOLKITpremium - mobile modules for the kitchen, desk, frontcooking, bar area or many more other opportunities at fairs and events.
KOOLKITpure - mobile modules for the kitchen, bar area or many more other opportunities at fairs and events.
To extract juice – Serve – Keep warm
Bain Marie, juicer and mixer, trolley table, dish spider, dish warmer, heat bridge as well as everything to give out meals...
Small devices like microwaves, kettle and deep fryer, as well as a cooker and a ceramic hob, pizza oven, combined heater, casserole, kitchen hood and gastronomic work tables.
Coffee dispenser
Coffee scalding dispenser and full dispenser for smaller capacities as well as for a greater amount of units...
Cooling and freezer technic
Refrigerators, cooling and freezer combinations, freezer and chest freezer, ice-cube maker...
Dispensing equipment
Beer equipment, cooler, draught pipe and accessories...
Hoover and fire extinguisher with accessories...
Sinks and cupboards
Deep sink, boiler, single and double sink, hand washbasin, hanging and lower base cupboards as well as combined kitchens...
Wash up technic
Glass cleaner, professional dishwasher for clean dishes in a 3 60-second-intervall, cleaning center with the respective technical necessities like i.e. fat separator...

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